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BostonTech Partners, Inc. will help your business embrace the cutting edge technology offered by VMware. With virtual infrastructure architecture, a business can lower IT costs by regulating spending on hardware and training, increase efficiency by optimizing the utilization and consolidating server platforms, increase flexibility by provisioning new services and change the amount of resources dedicated to software services, and increase responsiveness by running multiple virtual machines simultaneously on the same physical platform unaware and unaffected. For more information on our professional services, email:


  • BostonTech Partners is an end-to-end Enterprise VIP Partner of VMware.
  • Customized mentoring with our certified VMware technicians will assure mistake free installation and configuration of the VMware server software.
  • Rapid deployment of VMware™ Server Jumpstart program.
  • Facilitate Virtual Machine knowledge transfer to your technical staff.

VMware Product Overview

VMware ESX Server Data Center-Class Virtual Infrastructure with VMware Virtual SMP for Scaling on Multiprocessor Intel Hardware

  • Implement server consolidation.
  • Deliver high availability and guarantee service levels.
  • Scale hardware and software infrastructure.
  • Increase capacity without adding new systems.
  • Consolidate applications and servers on blades.

VMware Infrastructure 3 next generation of industry-leading infrastructure virtualization software that virtualizes servers, storage and networking, allowing multiple unmodified operating systems and their applications to run independently in virtual machines while sharing physical resources.

  • Inserts a robust virtualization layer directly on the server hardware.
  • Multi-virtual machine scalability
  • Increase server utilization without the risk of critical services being starved for CPU resources
  • Build complex networks within a single ESX Server or across multiple installations of ESX Server.
  • Dynamic resource optimization across resource pools.

VMware Virtual Center Data Center-Class Virtual Infrastructure Software Enabling a Central Point of Control for your Data Center's Virtual Computing Resources

  • Dynamically move workloads across distributed physical servers.
  • Streamline server provisioning and management.
  • Monitor system availability and performance.
  • Manage distributed servers as a single pool of resources.

VMware P2V Assistant enterprise-class migration tool that transforms an image of an existing physical system into a VMware virtual machine.

  • Non-intrusively copy and transform physical systems into VMware virtual machines
  • Migrate legacy servers to new hardware with no need to reinstall operating systems or application software
  • Perform migrations across heterogeneous hardware
  • Proactively readjust disk sizes, types and partitions to maximize utilization of storage resources

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