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Riverbed Technology is the IT infrastructure performance company for networks, applications, and storage. Riverbed provides the only comprehensive WAN optimization solution to a host of severe problems that have effectively prevented enterprises from sharing applications and data across wide areas. By wide area, we mean anywhere in the world. Between Chicago and New York. Or between Seattle and Shanghai.

Our award-winning line of WAN optimization solutions frees businesses from common IT constraints while giving them an order-of-magnitude increase in the performance and value of their existing infrastructure and mission-critical applications including file sharing, email, backup, document management systems, IT tools, as well as ERP and CRM solutions. Specifically, Riverbed Steelhead appliances and Steelhead Mobile increase network throughput and application performance by up to 100 times. Riverbed Cascade provides enterprise-wide network and application visibility and analysis for both enterprise customers and service providers.

Thousands of widely distributed businesses use Riverbed to make their IT infrastructure faster, less expensive and more responsive. Suddenly, the impossible becomes possible, just like that. Bring the world closer with Riverbed.

Product Description

Riverbed has the most comprehensive set of IT infrastructure optimization tools that enable you to drive an order-of-magnitude improvement out of the IT your business already has. Riverbed architects its products to fit into your environment with minimal integration and delivers cost savings and productivity gains from day one.

Steelhead appliances provide a robust, easy to use WAN optimization capability to your branch offices and data centers. With Steelhead appliances, you can cut bandwidth usage by 60- 95%, accelerate applications by up to 100x, and enable DR operations within ever-shrinking recovery windows. Steelhead appliances also offer the Riverbed Services Platform (RSP) to virtualize edge servers onto the appliance and save even more for your business. The Central Management Console (CMC) and Interceptor appliance help to manage and scale Steelhead appliance deployments.

Model Specifications


* Option Bypass cards- Dual/ Quad, Fiber/Copper GbE
** Hot swappable disks
+ No PFS support

  1. Inbound (WAN to LAN) Steelhead capacity is unrestricted; outbound WAN capacity can be expected up to the amount listed
    On the 5050, 6050 total WAN capacity equals inbound traffic + outbound traffic
  2. TCP Connections can be expected up to the amount listed
  3. Any Steelhead model can be clustered
  4. Operating altitude up to 10,000 feet
    5Depth is without bezel