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Document Management:

  • Web Browser Access – users can manage files and folders with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and Firefox browsers.
  • WebDAV – supports MS Windows and other WebDAV clients. The user can directly open MS Office from OpenEDMS and save the modified document back to the OpenEDMS server with a new document version.
  • Metadata Management – system support flexible metadata scheme, support business related document type specifications.
  • Library Service with Version Control – the user can lock/unlock files. Workflow based version promotion. Version comparison produces a report for deleted, inserted and modified lines of documents.
  • Configurable File Browser options for end users - the user can use the system default file browser view or to define a customized view based on requirements.
  • Forum – online chat and offline forum.
  • Notification – provides a way to notify a user when a new file is created, commented, updated, deleted, etc.
  • File Content Search – supports most popular document formats such as MS Office, Text, HTML, PDF, WordPerfect, etc.
  • Metadata Search – search by metadata attributes, document type, version numbers, author, date range and many more.
  • Document Preview and Thumbnail – enables the user to read the document page by page without downloading the whole file. Provides thumbnail view for images.
  • Email Integration – can access email box directly from OpenEDMS browser interface. Can search email messages and email attachments.
  • Java Integration API – the system can integrate with other enterprise applications with Java API. The File ID API can be used to plug enterprise specific document identification requirements into the document system.
  • PDF Conversion – can convert to PDF format when creating a new document or converting to PDF when forwarding documents.
  • Archive Management – administrator can archive folder and files manually or based on the retention policy.
  • Security – support SSL in transport layer, ACL based access control, MD5 enabled user authentication.
  • Audit Trial – system provides pre-configured audit trial report for document access and system operations. The system also has an enterprise report system to produce customizable audit trial reports.

Workflow Features:

  • Workflow Process Management – authorized users can create workflow templates based on the specific document review process, to define roles in the workflow process and notification mechanism.
  • Supports document submission, review, approval, routing and task notification business processes.
  • Review Comments and Attachments – reviewers can add comments and attach reference documents to the review document.
  • Visual representation of processes and tasks with flowcharts and Gantt charts.
  • Digital Signature – documents can be digitally signed by approvers.
  • Calendar – uses calendar workflow tasks in calendar view.

Data Capture:

OpenEDMS integrates with Uniwex data capture technology. Uniwex can directly import images to the OpenEDMS repository with metadata populated in a metadata file. Uniwex Data Capture system is a powerful platform for image processing with OCR/ICR technologies. Enterprises can use Uniwex desktop and programming APIs (C++ or Visual Basic) to tailor a completed system for automated data capture:

Processing Fields Characters Recognition Diagnostic Tools
Image De-skewing
Locating floating fields
Image processing, user defined
Noise and structures removal
Check box, Barcode
Integrity control
Omni-font Typewritten
Hand Written
Segmentation Controls
Dictionary Controls
Syntax Controls
User Defined Font
Interactive tests on Images
Batch Test
Optimization Wizard
Detailed behavior analysis
Uniwex Data Capture

OpenEDMS Desktop:

  • FTP Based Batch Transfer – supports multiple folder and file transfer with FTP protocol to EDMS server.
  • Time Based Batch Transfer – can be used to automatically transfer local file systems to center repository based pre-scheduled time.
  • File Synchronization - can synchronize local file and server file based on the timestamp and file content change.
  • Metadata File support – the OpenEDMS Desktop can directly import files/folders in batch mode with by interfacing metadata files, that can be either produced by a data capture system or by other methods.

Message Board:

Supports external (read message without login to the system) and internal message boards. User can submit both internal and external messages, authorized users and administrators can approve message and publish messages to message boards.

International Language Support:

OpenEDMS supports English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Turkish. We can add a new international within two weeks.